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I am Dr John WorldPeace JD and I am running as the Independent Maverick Candidate for President USA 2020. I am not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican Parties or any Independent Party. I do not establish an independent party to support my campaign.

To vote for me all you have to do is as the polling officials how to write in my name on the ballot when you vote.



DR. JOHN WORLDPEACE JD FOR PRESIDENT 2020 - INDEPENDENT COALITION This video is about establishing an Independent Coalition, not an independent party, for the purpose of breaking the deadlock in Washington.

After 240 years the American Democracy had become deadlocked and there needs to be a compromising force. An independent coalition that can keep government functioning no matter which party is controlling the Senate or the House.

I am promoting the idea that the President always needs to be independent of a particular party politics. We have seen what happens when the House and Senate and President are of the same party, Democrat or Republican. What happens is deadlock and very hard lines drawn which choke off the government.

With an independent president, the number of deadlocks should be an exception not the rule.

One particular thing that needs to be addressed is the Electoral College. It needs to be abandoned, deleted from the presidential election. No other election in the United States has a corrupting force like the Electoral College. The president should be the one with the most votes. Without the Electoral College we would not have a minority president and 80% of the problems we are having right now would not exist. The Democrats have a right to challenge Donald Trump because he is not the majority president.

As an independent candidate I do not have to get in line with the Republicans or the Democrats. Both are just as corrupt as the other. They are the product of the American Democracy as it stands right now. And where it stands is non functioning.

Not only am I not going to be controlled by Democrats or Republicans, I am not going to be controlled by PAC money or corporations. I have not decided yet about contribution levels.

I am not going to run a high finance campaign. With social media, web pages and such I dont need a lot of money to run an independent campaign. I have been building web sites since 1998 and I know how to get my name out to America and the world.

To be more specific about the campaign it makes no sense to me to travel around the country wasting a lot of time traveling. I intend to be podcasting every day for an hour. I will respond to questions during the podcast then writing a response to post on the internet for certain issues. I have been on the internet for 20 years and during that time I have posted a lot of things. I have received feedback that tests the coherency and consistency of my thoughts. I will do this during the campaign. I will be constantly testing my ideas and measuring the response to my ideas.

Podcasting is essentially free as in posting to Facebook, Twitter and my Blog and websites and repeating those posts on my Crowd Funding. 95% of the money I take in will go to Facebook and YouTube and Twitter ads. That will expand as time goes on. I do not think it will take more than one employee to manage the advertising.

I will also have maybe daily face to face gathering with about 25 -50 people who come to Albuquerque where I have been headquartered since 2011. These people can return to their communities and repoet what they concluded in visiting with me. The people who attend will pay a fee.

I just do not see a staff of more than a handful of people.

I am not married or in a relationship and so I expect that I will do something very radical . I will choose two or three women to act as surrogate First Ladies to the public. These will be women on the level of Michelle Obama.

As far as the Cabinet goes I intend to make the Secretary of the 15 departments within the Cabinet the most senior career officers of those areas of government.. This will take the politics out of running these department. I will have the second most senior officer of the opposite party as the Deputy Secretary. I will chose the Secretaries from both Parties and the Deputy Secretaries from the opposite parties. I am against politicizing these departments and changing course every 4 or 8 years. I will go out of my way to have the Secretaries of these departments women. If the Secretary is a women the Deputy Secretary will be a man.

I will add a Department of Peace. I will also add a Women's Interests Department. The goal of this department will be to push as fast as possible an equalization of female Senators and Representatives as well as equalize the top echelons of all departments with men and women. I absolutely believe we will have a more sane and just Democracy when women take an equal place in government across the board.

As an independent candidate I can challenge Democratic and Republican candidates. Here are some examples.


1) Any candidate who is not a VETERAN is going to be hammered by me as being an American in name only. As president I will bring back the Peace Corp as an alternative service for those who do not want to go into the military. If neither a candidate, candidate's parents or their children or grand children have severed in the military, that candidate is not worthy to hold that office. Being female is no excuse.

2) I go to CHURCH every Sunday. Any candidate who wants the Christian vote needs to go to church more than a few times during the campaign. I am a believer in Jesus not the church. I am a spiritual Christian not a bureaucratic Christian member of a corporate church. I believe in Jesus not the church. The church is just another political party in my opinion. I came into this life with Jesus and God and have never lost the faith. I am not a born-again Christian. The book of Hebrews says that God wrote his laws on our hearts and minds and no one needs to teach anyone. Hebrews 8:10-12. Just look inside yourself if you want to know God and Jesus.

Further, if you go to my main website you will see that I have re-organized the first four Gospels of the New Testament. It is called The Third Millennium Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is for sale on

Further, America is not strictly a Christian nation. On my main website, you will find that I have re-interpreted and commented on the major sacred texts of the major religions in the world human society: Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Islam, The Annalects of Confucius, etc. I embrace all religions. Enough so as to have made a significant 3 year effort to understand them.

3) I have a LAW DEGREE and practiced law for almost 20 years. We can all see what happens when you have a non lawyer as president. Donald Trump is lost as president. He is ignorant of the most basic foundation of American law. And as a result we have chaos in the White House. Also, I have a BA in Political Science. In addition, I understand the working of family and criminal law where I practiced. I also have a Bachelor of Accountancy degrees. I worked full time and went to college full time for 9 of 10 years. I never applied for any student loans.

4) I was a member of Mensa and Intel which means my VERIFIED IQ is in the top 1%. Donald Trump is a low mentality human being. He says he is smart. If he is he should show us by taking the Mensa test. Any candidate who does not have a high IQ, top 2% required by Mensa is not competent to be president. We dont need another Dumb Ass president. Nixon said he was not a crook. Trump says he is not stupid. I say if you are a candidate for President, take the Mensa test. If a candidate does not take it, that candidate could not pass it. Period. No more stupid liars in the White House.

5) I have a Bachelor of Accountancy from the University of Houston and I practiced ACCOUNTING AND TAX from 1977 to 1993. I understand complex accounting, the stock market and taxes. I can read complex financial statements and I can read Government budgets.

6) I have a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) certificate both of which required 5 years in the INSURANCEbusiness and 30 college hours. The most critical issue in the United States right now is Health Insurance. I understand the arguments from my experience and education.

7) In 1988, after my first divorce in 1987, and about to turn 40 I decided to make a commitment to WORLDPEACE (increasing the peace in the world human society is attainable. Only in the realm of Jesus is there the potential of a perfect peace.) and changed my name. For thirty years I have found three areas that control the level of peace in the world. 1) Governmental Politics 2) Religious Bureaucracies and 3) The Legal and Justice systems. I have a Political science degree and I have studied politics all my life and most especially the Civil War and Nazi Germany. And I ran for governor of Texas in 2002. I have gone to church all my life and I have written 10 books related to Christianity. And I have reinterpreted (not translated) the most sacred texts of the major religions. I have a law degree and I practiced law for 19 years. So in all these three areas I have the education and the experience. We are in a global society now and understanding how governments works, how religions works, and how the legal systems work is required to be president of the United States.

I have begun the process of applying for DUAL CITIZENSHIP in all the nations of the world in order to fast track as many global issues as possible for the increasing the level of peace in the world human society and to move out of the 20th century nationalistic mindset and into a Global mindset of the Third Millennium. It is my intention to become the world's first Global Citizen.

Further, due to my agressive rebukes of the Democratic Party in Texas when I was running for governor of Texas, I was subsequently illegally disbarred and jailed for a year by the Feds with the aid of the corrupt State Bar of Texas and two corrupt Federal Judges. The State Bar disbarred me without even pleading for disbarment. I hated practicing law because it is a "Conflict oriented Greed oriented profession." So I have not been in a hurry to recoup my license. It has not been a priority. The red neck assassin North Texas Judge who disbarred me had no jurisdiction because he was not appointed by the Supreme Court of Texas to hear my case and as I said the State Bar did not plead for disbarment. Attorneys understand what I am talking about. I have all the files in my case.

The bottom line is that I have my "Peace Advocate "bona fides". The last 5 months of my one year in jail I was in administrative segregation, solitary confinement, and was not allowed out of my cell for more than 13 hours. I have a prison journal which will be available on Amazon within a few months. In jail, like Mandela, King and Gandhi, I wrote: over 3000 pages. Bernie Sanders was a peace activists but he does not have my "bona fides" of a year in jail based on the lying testimony of a Deputy U S Marshall. Friends, I am fearless but I am not stupid. I will have my vindication on my terms and on my time table.

8) My father's parents lived on a FARM/RANCH west of El Campo, Texas. I spent many summers there until I was 14. I have hoed and picked cotten. Enough to know that I did not want to make a career out of it. My second wife and I lived on her father's 125 acre ranch close to Thornton, Texas from 1990-1992. He died in 1991. I ran the ranch. I knew enough from my childhood to run the ranch. I can certainly drive a tractor and ride a horse and build and maintain long barbed wire fences.. Question is what is the farm ranch experience of the other candidates? Probably None. I have hunted, dove, quail, ducks and geese and harvested a few deer. I can fish. I have not huntered since I left the Thornton in 1992. Not something I enjoy anymore but I definitely am addicted to being outdoors. And I love to walk down rows of corn, maze and cotten.

9) I believe that anyone who runs for President must select an opposite gender person to be the vice-president. Question is whether a candidate will commit to this dictate?

10) I have been posting 500 to 1500 word TRUMPEE ZERO COMMENTARIES about day to day events related to Donald Trump for two years. I have been fully engaged in Presidential politics. If a candidate opposing me does not have that track record, they need to stay out of the race. If you want to know what I have to say, go to or my timeline on Facebook or my Blog or my YouTube videos or come January or sooner to my daily podcasts.

11) I HAVE NO SIGNIFICANT ASSETS. My education and experience indicates I could easily make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. I have no car. I have a bicycle and motorcycle. I do not own nor am I purchasing a home. I have no real estate, no land, no savings accounts, no stocks, no bonds, no US or foreign investments or other assets. I have no debts. I have no trust set up in my name. I have a web design business which in addition to my social security pays my minimal expenses. I earn to whatever degree I need to, in order to pay my bills. Making money is subordinate to my WorldPeace Advocacy and run for President. I am not married and live with no one. (I have logged in 45 years of committed relationships with 4 women) The only other assets I have are my books, poetry and art which have no value at this time because I have not tried to seriously market them. I do expect that I will place an emphasis on marketing in 2019. THE POINT IS THAT NO ONE OWNS ME. I HAVE NO POLITICAL OBLIGATIONS TO ANYONE OR ANY ENTITY AND DO NOT INTEND TO INCUR ANY. I absolutely believe the words of Jesus that if I make God a priority my earthly needs will be taken care of. Matt 6:33-4 I have found this true my entire life. When I had a family my expenses were significantly greater. I was not able to fully purse my current interests until I finished raising my children who the first wife abandoned to me.

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